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Registered Nurse


Since manifesting The Abundant Babes I have truly found a place to feel connected and be myself.  As a nurse I am driven by serving and caring for others, however my desire to serve on a much larger scale & truly make an impact was not being met. When I met my mentor and friend who shared with me the journey she wanted to take me on and share with others. 

The mission is to help people create happiness, health, wealth, and harmony in their life and their family’s lives.

This mission completely aligns with my desire to create all these things and more in my life and in others. It represents a true motivation to make something more of myself and to manifest abundance in every way. The community and exposure to personal development are hands down my favorite aspects of this journey. Never have I had so many people to look up to, to be inspired by, encouraged by, and to guide me in becoming the best version of myself. 

It is so fulfilling to have found a vehicle to get me to a place in life to where I can truly help the many, all the while allowing me the freedoms to design my life


Urban Farmer

I was a server for 12 years, graduated college, tried out the office job, before quickly realizing it was not for me. I quit to pursue my husband and I’s dream of starting a farm with him. Being an organic farmer is hard work with long days, but when I see all the smiling faces at the market day it makes all our hard work worth it.

I am all about feeding good people good food, so when this opportunity came along it just made sense. Not only does it organically align with my lifestyle and mission, it has provided me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. It has allowed me to build friendships and put even more smiles on the faces of those I love through sharing my passion with them.